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Supergirl and Sales for Lego Dimensions

If you haven’t already heard, the location of Supergirl has officially been announced. Supergirl Minifig for Lego Dimensions Earlier today Lego Dimensions released this trailer: If you read all the fine print closely it tell you that Supergirl will be an exclusive minifig included with the PS4 Starter Pack from September 27, 2016 thru March […]

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Wave 6 (and Beyond) of Lego Dimensions Revealed

As promised, there will not be a new Lego Dimensions Starter Pack you need to buy this year. Despite the lack of a Starter Pack though, you will have plenty of content to keep you busy throughout the year. All expansion packs provide players with continued compatibility to use everything from waves 1-9 interchangeably, anywhere […]

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Details of Midway Arcade Level Pack

With the release of a few more images today, we have a few more details regarding the Midway Arcade Level Pack. As pictured, you can see that the Midway Arcade Level Pack will include: Gamer Kid Arcade Machine G-6155 Spy Hunter Level Content Typically on the package it will give you the generic name of […]

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