Details of Midway Arcade Level Pack

With the release of a few more images today, we have a few more details regarding the Midway Arcade Level Pack.

Level Pack - Midway Arcade - 71235As pictured, you can see that the Midway Arcade Level Pack will include:

  • Gamer Kid
  • Arcade Machine
  • G-6155 Spy Hunter

Level Content

Typically on the package it will give you the generic name of the new level that you can unlock. What’s interesting here is it says we can unlock “Over 20 Classic Arcade Games”.

Inspecting the box closely we will find the names of a number of these games including:

  • Defender
  • Spy Hunter
  • Joust
  • Robotron 2084
  • Super Sprint
  • Gauntlet
  • Rampage

Not sure exactly how they’ll play out in the Lego world, but sounds like it should be fun.

LEGO Dimensions - Midway Arcade

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