Is the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack Too Expensive?

Shortly after Lego officially announced their entry into the toys-to-life genre, pre-orders were made available on Amazon. Upon discovering the pre-orders some folks simply went ahead and pre-ordered everything they could find. Others, however, were simply shocked by the price of the Starter Pack.

The Status Quo

By this point many of us had grown accustomed to the $74.99 Starter Packs offered by Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Even then, some still refused to pay full price and waited until Black Friday or even the next year when the price starts to drop.

So naturally when a price of $99.99 pops up, some level of mass hysteria will ensue.

But before you rush home and nail your wallet shut, let’s explore this Starter Pack a little.

What Does the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack Include?

Let’s just keep it simple for now. Here’s a list of what’s included in the Starter Pack:

  • 1 Lego Dimensions Game
  • 1 Lego Toy Pad
  • (Bricks to Build) 1 Lego Gateway
  • 1 Batman Minifigure
  • 1 Gandalf Minifigure
  • 1 Wyldstyle Minifigure
  • 1 Lego Batmobile Vehicle

While we’re not quite comparing apples to apples, let’s briefly compare it to the Skylanders Starter Pack.

Both packs include 1 video game.

Both packs include 1 Toy Pad/Portal.

Both packs include 3 figures.

All in all, the basics are the same. You could make the same comparison to the Disney Infinity Starter Pack as well.

Why is the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack a Good Value?

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack PS4

Now let’s break down the Dimensions Starter Pack a little more. Let’s see if we can justify the price tag they’ve given it.

1 LEGO Video Game

While the LEGO video games can drop dramatically in price after a relatively short period of time, their list price is $59.99.

1 269 Piece LEGO set

I really like how they decided to treat every pack as a standard Lego set, giving it a number and piece count. In this case, the total piece count for the Gateway, vehicle, and minifigures comes to 269.

In the past, Lego sets featuring 269 pieces had a retail price of $29.99.

Already you can see that we’re close to $90 worth of product. Add in the necessary Toy Pad and I think you can safely say we’re at $99.99.

Still Don’t Like the Price?

If the straight numbers aren’t working for you, consider this:

Right off the bat in the official press release, Lego has given us a breath of fresh air.

One LEGO Toy Pad, LEGO Gateway and the videogame found in the initial Starter Pack will offer endless opportunities to customize a player’s experience for years to come. Future expansion pack purchases will continue to work with the Starter Pack, even in the fall of next year. No compatibility chart necessary.

Backing up their #BreakTheRules hashtag, Lego vows that equipment you buy in the Starter Pack now will be compatible for years to come.

It looks like Lego has done their homework and it ready take the competition head on.

So when considering the cost of the Starter Pack, I definitely think that you have to keep in mind that it will last you more than one year.

Are you ready to pre-order yet?

  • Still to expensive.

  • Stuart

    Too… And perhaps a touch too high, yes.
    It’s more the game than the parts. It’s hardly a AAA work is it? 😉
    I’d say the game’s worth £24.99 and the Lego £29.99.
    It’s kind of a rip off.

  • James Ross

    i was doing some calculations. if you want all of the LEGO® Dimensions out currently (wave 1) then it will cost you USD $365 , or $685 for all they have currently listed (wave 1-5)

    Mind you i don’t live in the US i live in Australia i was considering buying this game until i found out for me to get all of it (and you need most to unlock everything in the game) it would cost me AUD $775 for wave 1 and $1288 for wave 1-5 ( mind you some suppliers just drooped the price bringing it down to $593 for wave 1

    i find that way to much to pay for a videogame . even if it does come with some Lego.

  • Josh S

    That would be a good argument, except that Skylanders and Disney Infinity are undercutting you by not overcharging for the models and crap that come with their starter packs. They manage to sell their stuff for a reasonable price so Lego has to do the same. Also, the models and such that come with Skylanders and Disney Infinity, and even the amiibos look good. If you wanted to sell a really great model kit with your game people wouldn’t mind paying so much I bet. But the Batmobile looks more like a wheelchair. And the portal doesn’t exactly compare to lego sets sold in stores where you build a whole castle, etc. In fact the gateway/portal by itself is a bit of an eyesore. Nobody would pay $40 for the gateway without a game (or larger playset) attached to it, so you can’t (reasonably) charge that much for it by attaching it to a game by the same logic.

    Sell it for 60 bucks. Maybe 70 would be pushing it. Then make your lego pieces money back selling those lego level sets.

  • Josh S


  • Josh S

    Actually I take that back. The lego level sets are too expensive too.

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