Lego Dimensions Toy Pad is More Than Just Another “Portal”

Today as part of YouTube’s live coverage of E3, we got an exclusive look at Lego Dimensions.

We’ve heard rumors that the gameplay in Lego Dimensions will be very similar to that of previous Lego titles. While the adventuring, platforming, and puzzle-solving aspects of the well-known Lego games will still be there, there is one big difference – the Toy Pad.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a look at the exclusive coverage with Geoff Keighley.

New Ways to Use a “Portal”

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack PS4If you’ve played Skylanders or Disney Infinity, you’re familiar with the concept of a portal. In these games it’s simply a way for you to transport your figures into the game to make them playable.

With Lego Dimensions though, that’s about to change.

In Lego Dimensions your portal will become a necessary, interactive part of gameplay. If you recall, the Toy Pad had three distinct areas. There are two L-shaped areas in the front and a singular circle in the center.

For general gameplay it doesn’t appear as if it will matter where you place your figures, but when you come across particular puzzles in the game each of these regions will have a specific function.


The first example they showed us in the video above involved teleportation.

During this puzzle sequence rifts (of various colors) were opened on various locations on the screen. In order to access these rifts you have to place a figure on the section of the Toy Pad that matches the color of the rift.

Size Matters

In a second example, the three regions of the Toy Pad corresponded to three different sizes.

So placing your figure on a different region could shrink or enlarge your character or return your character to its normal size.

These are just two examples they provided in this short segment, but I like to see the interactivity and something to separate Lego from the competition.

A Closer Look at Portal (the game)

We already knew that Portal (the game) would be involved in Lego Dimensions this is the first real look we get at Chell and her corresponding level.

Lego Dimensions - Portal Gameplay

They state that the Portal segment consists of nine Test Chambers (in Portal each Chamber was a level).

I hope that he means there are nine Test Chambers in the main storyline without having to purchase the Level Pack, but either way, it has now been confirmed that you will get to visit each of the worlds that we are getting Level Packs for in the course of the main storyline.

We’re not entirely sure how the Level Packs expand the game, but I’m sure Lego will explain this in good time.


I’ve said it before, but I’ll mention it again because it was brought up in the video.

ANY character. ANY level. ANY time.

That’s right. In Lego Dimensions there are no limitations as to who can play where. Obviously, as in past Lego games, certain characters may have certain abilities or advantages, but they can all roam freely.


E3 is just getting started today and there will be more coverage of Lego Dimensions both from official sources as well as the bloggers and journalists that are getting a hands-on look at the game.

Stay tuned and I’ll be sure to keep you updated as more news is revealed.

  • Dan Davis

    Hey Matt, I have been following you for some time on SCL and I have been very impressed with the information you give. I preordered the Lego Dimensions but since this last weekend was my Grandson’s 7th birthday we opened it up then. Not knowing too much about this game I thought I would share a couple of things. We spent about an hour trying to put all the pieces together so we could play the game. I didn’t know that putting it together was part of the in-play and it gives instructions in the game itself. Another thing is it took about an hour for all the uploads to take place when you put the disc in the game counsel. I would suggest that if you are going to download the updates to do so while you are putting the portal together and if you don’t finish not to fret because it will show you in the game while you are playing. Overall this has been a lot of fun for the grandkids and myself. I think it was worth the money

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