LEGO Is Not Shy – 7 More Sets Revealed

Lego is leaving less and less to the imagination. Unlike the closely guarded secrets of Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and amiibo, we are now very close to knowing the entire starting lineup for Lego Dimensions.

Today Lego shared a neat little video featuring Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) discovering himself in Lego Dimensions. Take a look:

Alongside this video, seven new Lego Dimensions sets have been revealed. Some of these we’ve seen in trailers and blurry pictures while some just had quick cameos in the Doc Brown video above.

Team Pack - DC Comics - 71229

Here’s a quick photo gallery. Click on the image for a larger view.

Fun Pack - Aquaman - 71237

Fun Pack - Bane - 71240

Fun Pack - Doc Brown - 71230

Fun Pack - Lloyd - 71239

Fun Pack - Sensei Wu - 71234

Fun Pack - Superman - 71236

Team Pack - DC Comics - 71229

Here’s a quick recap of the new pack contents:

71237 – Aquaman Fun Pack

  • Aquaman Minifigure
  • Aqua Watercraft

71240 – Bane Fun Pack

  • Bane Minifigure
  • Drill Driver

71230 – Doc Brown Fun Pack

71239 – Lloyd Fun Pack

  • Lloyd Minifigure
  • Lloyd’s Golden Dragon

71234 – Sensei Wu Fun Pack

71236 – Superman Fun Pack

71229 – DC Comics Team Pack

I’ll be updating the rest of the site later today with more images.


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