New Amazon Listings Add More Sets to Lego Dimensions Initial Offering

Way back in April, when Lego Dimensions was first announced, we already knew that 10-12 sets would be available in addition to the Starter Pack.

With a few new listings (of previously leaked sets) finally popping up on Amazon, it appears that there will be even more sets available on release day.

So now when September 27th finally rolls around, here’s the lineup we’re looking at:

Team Pack - Scooby-Doo - 71206

Starter Packs

  • Lego Dimensions

Level Packs

Team Packs

Fun Packs

In addition to these 15 packs (16 if you count the Starter Pack), another handful of sets are scheduled to release just over a month later in November.

Between Lego Dimensions and the newly announced Skylanders SuperChargers, September is going to be a very expensive month. Hopefully they don’t announce any more sets for launch day.


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