Portal Level Pack and 4 More Sets Available for Pre-order After E3

It was just a week ago that Amazon added seven new sets to their Lego Dimensions listings.

Now, just after E3 wrapped up, we’ve got five more to pre-order.

New Level Packs

If you were watching the E3 coverage then there’s no doubt that you saw the marvelous Portal Level. This was definitely the highlight for many Lego Dimensions fans.

Level Pack - Portal - 71203

They also explained more about the functionality of the Toy Pad which is awesome in its own right, but didn’t have the level of anticipation behind it like Portal did.

Then, while Homer did smash his way into the Portal demo, we didn’t actually see any Simpsons gameplay. In any case, The Simpsons Level Pack is also available to pre-order now.

Level Pack - The Simpsons - 71202

New Team Packs

There’s only one new Team Pack to add to the list, but that’s only because it’s the last Team Pack that seems to be planned so far.

Team Pack - Jurassic World - 71205

Feast your eyes on the wonderful Jurassic World Team Pack. How can you not want @prattprattpratt in Lego form?

New Fun Packs

Finally, we have two related Fun Packs which will help round out The Simpsons collection. Here’s your first look at Bart and Krusty the Clown.

Fun Pack - Bart Simpson - 71211
Fun Pack - Krusty the Clown - 71227

Release Dates

Now you want to hear the really crazy part?

All five of these sets are slated to release on September 27th!

That’s right. Another five sets have been added to the launch day lineup. As much as I really want to get my hands on all of these sets, I think some of them are just going to have to wait.

September was already going to be an expensive month. I definitely would have been okay waiting another month or two to add these sets to my collection.

In any case, it’s always nice to have this type of information well in advance so we can start planning (and saving).


P.S. Need help remembering when sets are coming out? You can find all the release dates on this page.

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