Supergirl and Sales for Lego Dimensions

If you haven’t already heard, the location of Supergirl has officially been announced.

Supergirl Minifig for Lego Dimensions

Earlier today Lego Dimensions released this trailer:

If you read all the fine print closely it tell you that Supergirl will be an exclusive minifig included with the PS4 Starter Pack from September 27, 2016 thru March 28, 2017.

After March of 2017 we don’t know what will happen with it, but it certainly makes it sound like it will be made available through other avenues.

I still wouldn’t expect a full retail release because as with Green Arrow, Supergirl doesn’t seem to have any kind of vehicle or gadget. We’ve never seen just a minifig sold individually for Lego Dimensions, but there’s a first time for everything.

This Supergirl PS4 Starter Pack is currently available for pre-order from Amazon. The list price is $89.99, but since they are treating it like a new, unreleased product that you can pre-order, you can get your 20% discount if you’re a Prime member.

Lego Dimensions Sales

Target put all of their Lego Dimensions packs at 40% off this week.

So Amazon chose to match their price and discounted all of their packs as well.

Surprisingly, in both locations, this discount even applies to the upcoming Wave 6 packs!

Never before have I seen this big of a discount on a pre-order item.

Once again Wave 6 is releasing on September 27th and will include:

These sales are part of Target’s weekly ad which ends on Saturday, August 20th, so I would expect Amazon to end their sale at the same time.

  • Dan Davis

    I am not sure why this Palystation 4 is a pre-order. Didn’t the starter pack come out for Playstation 4 last year with all the rest? I did pre-order mine non-the-less just so I could get the Supergirl minifigure.

  • Everything besides Supergirl is identical to the Starter Pack released last year.

    They don’t want to release Supergirl until Wave 6 launches so they gave it a separate ID number and it registers as a pre-order item.

    This isn’t all bad for Prime members as it means that they can get 20% off, but I think it’s mostly meant to entice new players to get into Lego Dimensions perhaps specifically on the PS4. Sony has been making a lot of exclusivity deals lately and many of them even focus on the PS4.

  • Dan Davis

    OK never mind, I get it now it isn’t a pre-order because of the starter pack, it is a pre-order because of Supergirl and they don’t want to release her until late September.2016

  • Dan Davis

    I’ve noticed that too Maybe I should invest in a Playstation 4 LOL

  • Louis DellaLucca

    Hopefully I can find the figure online from Amazon or eBay since I don’t have a PS4. And I can’t believe aha has a Red Lantern Form! And it looks awesome!!

  • Louis DellaLucca

    I’ve been thinking about getting into this. I work at Gamestop and my discount is more incentive. I may wait and see if,that do a holiday deal. They slashed prices considerably last year.

  • Dan Davis

    Well, I received my Supergirl today (09/28/16) now I just have to wait for the rest to come out

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