What We Know and Questions We Have About Lego Dimensions

While the Lego Dimensions announcement definitely created a lot of excitement and gave us something to talk about, there is actually a lot they left unanswered. I’m sure this was done on purpose. They just give us a taste now and will reveal more details as we move into E3 in June.

In any case, that doesn’t stop us from examining every last detail of what they have given us.

By now you’ve probably seen the official announcement trailer, but have you seen the Extended Cut? Just in case you haven’t, I’ve posted it for your viewing pleasure below.

As I mentioned above, now it’s time to dig into this video a bit.

At 1:02 our host (Joel McHale) pulls out a PKE Meter.

PKE Meter
Joel McHale with PKE Meter

For those of you unfamiliar with this device, it is one of many gadgets featured in the Ghostbusters franchise.

While no Ghostbusters characters or sets have been officially announced, this seems to hint that there might be.

MY QUESTION: Will Ghostbusters be included in Lego Dimensions?

Just after this, at 1:08, Joel’s TV mysteriously turns on playing an old black and white film with a house flying through the air.

The Wizard of Oz

Some of you may have recognized this as a scene from The Wizard of Oz.

Not only is The Wizard of Oz referenced later in the trailer with the yellow brick road, Emerald City, and the full cast (Toto too) in Lego form, but we already know that the Wicked Witch will be available in a Fun Pack on Day 1. So it’s safe to say that we’ll have Wizard of Oz characters in Lego Dimensions, but based on their prevalence throughout the trailer, I think we might eventually see a Wizard of Oz Level Pack.

MY QUESTION: Will there be a Wizard of Oz Level Pack?

The final note I want to make about the trailer comes in at 4:17.

I made some upgrades.

Batman gets his first look at the “Batmobile” that Joel rebuilt.

Batman: Huh?

Joel: I made some upgrades.

Now this is a little bit out of left field, but it seems to imply that the way you put the pieces together in our world could effect the way they appear in the game.

MY QUESTION: Will the game read how the pieces are put together?

I don’t think that this is completely out of the question, but in the absence of a camera (like they utilize in LEGO Fusion) I would imagine that you would need some sort of “smart” Lego bricks. That makes me think it’s a little less likely, but maybe they have another solution.

In any case, outside of the video, we have some help from online retailers (Amazon in particular) in shedding some light on what to expect.

You can view a complete list of confirmed Lego Dimensions Sets here and a complete list of confirmed Lego Dimensions Characters here.

Aside from providing us with the launch day lineup, the images on Amazon give us a little better idea of how the Legos communicate with the game. Each figure/vehicle comes with a small plastic base to stand on.





At first I thought the designs on the bases would signify which franchise it belonged to, but as you can see above, each base is unique to the specific character. None of the four Lord of the Rings figures have the same base.

Initially there was some concern that the figures might be permanently attached to these bases, but that does not seem to be the case (according to the official Lego Dimensions Twitter account). This is good because that would completely nullify the fact that they’re using real Legos.

Now it’s great to know that the figures can be removed from their bases, but naturally I had the same followup question that @lennonpotts did…

So I’m still assuming that the microchip that the Gateway (the Lego equivalent of the Skylanders Portal or the Infinity Base) is reading is in the base, but according to this information, it won’t function without the figure on top.

This now leaves me with a plethora of new questions.


Does the correct minifigure have to be on the correct base or will any minifigure do?

Can you use an old Lego minifig or will only Lego Dimensions minifigures work?

This line of questioning less me back to my earlier wonderment. Are we dealing with “smart” Legos? Is there a camera involved? Have they come up with a better solution?

I’ll leave it there for now. I’m sure they will answer all my questions well before the release, but I am super-excited for this series.

What questions do you have?

  • Wes Knight

    What are the chances of Disney owned franchises making an appearance (e.g, Star Wars, Marvel, Pirates of the Caribbean) or will that affect Infinity?

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